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    Kampo AKA Japanese Traditional Medicine

    Kampo medicine is actually the study of Chinese traditional medicine. From here the Japanese developed their own medical system. But much of it incorporates that which is found in the traditional Chinese medicine. Part of what has been carried forward into the Japanese version is the moxibustion. Also, they believe in the use of herbs.

    Herbal Treatments

    The approach to the use of herbs in Japanese medicine is quite distinct. They do rely on plants, fruits and trees, but they go well beyond this. They extract components from rock and shells. They will also use animal parts in their treatments. Such as bones and some organs. Also, they will use the skins. The list of herbs used is very extensive. The same with the Kampo Formulas which are extremely complex.

    Health Conditions

    Many of the modern day physicians in Japan will use Kampo medicine as their main form for diagnosing and treating patients. There are certain segments of medical conditions where this form of medicine is practised the most. The list includes;

    • Female health
    • Urinary Ailments
    • Cardiovascular Conditions
    • Digestive Disorders
    • Mental illness
    • Control of Pain

    Common Ailments

    Many of the conditions that can go untreated in western medicine are treated with Kampo medicine in Japan. A good example is colds and flu. Also allergies and sinus congestion. These are many ailments that those in the western world will simply put up with. Or they will resort to OTC medicine.

    In Japan those suffering from lack of energy or fatigue they can count on Kampo medicine to assist them. Not only is this form of medicine used for the treatment of ailments, it is used as a preventative. The Japanese believe that this medical treatment helps to strengthen the immune system.

    The incorporation of Chinese traditional medicine into Japan dates all the way back to 702 A.D.