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    History of Chinese Medicine

    If one wants to trace back the history of Chinese Medicine they have to go back to the Shang Dynasty. What level of medicine they had during this dynasty is not really clear.

    Shang Dynasty

    There is evidence that the Royal family did suffer from some forms of illness. There is no evidence that there were any uses of herbal remedies during this time. There is some historical evidence to cause historians to believe that some form of acupuncture may have been carried out during this time. This is based on the finding of needles made of stone and bones being found in some ancient tombs. Others believe these may have been used for bloodletting. The most conclusive evidence for acupuncture dates back to the first or second century BCE.

    Yellow Emperor

    The documentation for this era dates around the 1st century BCE. The writings that have been discovered in regards to the Yellow Emperor dispels the concept that spirits and magic played a role in medicine.

    End of Han Dynasty

    There is evidence that by the end of this dynasty that medicine was relying on drugs and not the use of acupuncture. The focus was on drug therapy comprised of five phases.

    Not everyone in the eastern world practices Chinese medicine. It was promoted that the Chinese Communist Party should rely on the traditional Chinese medicine. Yet the chairman of this party himself did not utilize it. The head of the Chinese Medical Association seemed to indicate that the Traditional Chinese Medicine should be part of the modern natural sciences and wanted to combine the old with the new.

    Most of the historical documentation for Chinese medicine is written by many different scholars that have each focused on certain segments or eras. Often when one is looking at the history they will refer to a combination of these readings.