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    Chinese Medicine History Focusing on Historical Physicians

    With any form of medicine, there are always pioneers that have led the way. The same can be said about Chinese traditional medicine.

    Hua Tuo

    This physician was active during the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is believed that he was the first physician in the eastern world to utilize anaesthesia during his surgical procedures. This was a combination of mafesian and wine. Mafesian was a selection of herbs.

    This physician also made good use of other treatments that are still prominent today in Chinese traditional medicine. These include acupuncture and moxibustion. He also was keen on exercises. One which he developed was the Wuqinxi. Referenced to as the exercise of the five animals. He developed this by studying the movements of the five following animals;

    • Crane
    • Tiger
    • Deer
    • Ape
    • Bear

    Sun Simiao

    He was active as a physician in the Sui and the Tang dynasty. He was known as the King of Medicine. He was well recognized for the detailed care that he gave to those that were in his care. He was also the author of two books that contributed greatly to Chinese medicine. His code of ethics was astounding. They should be adhered to in any practice of medicine.

    Li Shizhen

    This is a scholar that was not only a physician but also a scientist, pharmacologist and acupuncturist. Also a polymath graduate. He practised during the Ming dynasty. His claim to fame is that he is considered not only to be a scientific naturalist but the greatest that ever existed. He was instrumental in the use of herbs and the development of medications for treatments.

    All the way through the history of chinese traditional medicine there were some very prominent physicians who made significant contributions. They were the foundation of the medicine that is practiced today that is within the realm of traditional.