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    Eastern Medicine Introduction

    This is the name of the health care program that is available in China. Its concept is centuries old. It is known as traditional Chinese medicine.

    What is It?

    This form of medicine focuses on treating the entire body. It does not concentrate on one specific area which is common in Western medicine. The Chinese healthcare experts believe the body acts in unison. Therefore for the total health to be in balance it means treating the emotional and mental aspects of the person in addition to the physical.

    Being in Balance

    With the concept that the body must be in balance, it means the yin and yang must be balanced. Yin is negative energy. Yang is positive energy. It is the Qi that this encompasses. When the Qi is out of balance, it means the flow of energy is being interfered with. This is what happens when a person becomes ill.

    What is Included in a Treatment Regime?

    Herbal and Nutritional: The Chinese approach to medicine includes the use of specific herbs, along with the right nutrition.

    • Exercise: Exercise plays an important role in the treatment of an illness. The type and duration will depend on the symptoms.
    • Meditation: Meditation is good for the soul. It too has a lot of emphases placed on it as part of a treatment regime.
    • Remedial Massage: In the western world massage is thought of as being something for relaxation and enjoyment. In Eastern medicine, it is incorporated in the medical field as part of the treatment of the body on the whole.

    It is easy to see how each of these components of Traditional Chinese medicine treat the entire body and not just the sickness itself. When looking at each of these separately, it makes a lot of sense why the Eastern medicine is so effective. Another important aspect of it is that it doesn’t include prescriptive treatment or invasive procedures in many cases.