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    Eastern Medicine Definition of Nutrition

    Nutrition plays another important role in the type of treatments that are utilised in eastern medicine. High on the list is the use of Chinese herbs. There are specific herbs that are used based on the condition being treated. Some of the common herbs used in this type of medicine are;

    • Cinnamon
    • Ginseng
    • Licorice
    • Rhubard
    • Cinnamon Bark

    The use of some of these herbs has made their way into western medicine. But mostly by those that are practising alternative medicine.

    The Balanced Diet

    The balanced diet in eastern medicine is far different to that in western medicine. The eastern approach to nutrition is based on the premise that nutrition has to be focused on five distinct tastes. These are:

    • Spicy
    • Sour
    • Bitter
    • Sweet
    • Salty

    They each have a specific purpose. Food that is based on one of these components is believed to possess a specific property.

    Making a Diagnosis

    In Eastern medicine, it is believed that the tongue is one of the most important parts of the human anatomy used to make a diagnosis. The practioner will focus on five distinct attributes that the tongue is displaying. These include;

    • Size
    • shape
    • Tension
    • Coating
    • Color

    Further to this, the tongue is divided into sections for the purpose of diagnosing. They are classified as meridians. Each meridian deals with a specific area of the body. These are:

    • Kidney, Bladder and Intestines
    • Gall Bladder, Liver
    • Stomach/Spleen ( 2 meridians for this)
    • Lung and Heart

    The approach to treatment in eastern medicine is fascinating and unique. Although western medical practitioners do not put much emphasis on this type of medicine. There are some in the western world that are straying away from traditional medicine. They are paying a lot more attention to what eastern medicine has to offer. The importance of nutrition as part of the overall treatment regime makes sense.