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    An Intro to Volkerscheild

    For those that have an interest in eastern Asian medicine, they are going to find this site to be most interesting and informative. Many people are now turning to alternative medicine in the western world. Much of this type of medicine is based on what traditional Chinese medicine has to offer.

    The main focus on this type of medicine includes the use of herbal medicine as well as natural treatments like acupuncture.

    Understanding Chinese Medicine

    In order to feel comfortable with this type of medicine, it is important to have a basic understanding of it. There is a section here that is dedicated to this. Aside from an introduction to it, there is some information as it pertains to the implementation of practices and nutrition.

    The History of Chinese Medicine

    A true appreciation of this type of medicine will be instilled in those who review our section on the history of this medical practice. Some of the information is dedicated to the ancient Chinese physicians who contributed to what the traditional Chinese medicine is today.

    How do the Japanese practice medicine?

    Many individuals are well aware that the Japanese tend to have long lifespans. They don’t know why. Those interested in this are going to enjoy the information we have provided about this.

    In addition to this information there are some other great posts that show the fun side of what the Eastern sector of the world is about. For those who have a passion for the slots you may enjoy some summaries on a few chinese themed slot games.